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Computer Services - Contracts and Rates

UCR offers simple, competitive rates for our full spectrum of services. We offer standard depot and on site service rates, as well as multiple prioritized service contract alternatives, including block hour contracts, fixed price repair contracts, project level fixed pricing, and staff outsourcing solutions. Our affordable contract services offer prioritized services and discount rates that are significantly lower than our standard service hourly rates.

Basic Hourly Service Rates

UCR uses standard hourly rates for all of our services. These rates apply if you are bringing a repair into our depot area, or if you choose to pay for on site repair, networking or programming services on an as-needed, time and materials basis. The following table shows our standard rates.

On Site repair and networking services

$95 per hour for all services

Standard labor rate for web design, eCommerce & programming services

$95 per hour for all services

Depot - Low End Printers (ink jet, dot matrix)

$45 per hour

Depot - High End Printers (lasers, plotters)

$55 per hour

Depot - Desk top computers, workstations, servers

$55 per hour

Depot - Laptop Repairs

$75 per hour (One hour minimum not to exceed 2 hours)


Add $20 per hour to all services to expedite the service (move to the top of the work queue)

NOTE: These rates are subject to change. Please contact us to verify current rates and find out more about our services.

For depot repairs, we charge an estimate fee of $40 for printers and computers and $45 for laptops if you choose not to perform the repair after the estimate is provided. If you choose to complete the repair, no estimate fee will be charged. For on site services, we will schedule your call for the first available time slot, typically within one business day of your call. We will let you know the specific scheduled time for your service call. If you have an emergency, please let our service administrator know the urgency of the service call when you schedule the service.

TechManage Time Block Service Contracts

"TechManage" time block service contracts are the most popular contract option for regular UCR service customers. These contracts offer much more than traditional time block discounts. Here are some of the features of our block contracts.

  • Discounts ranging up to 30% and more over standard hourly service rates.
  • Guaranteed 4 hour call-back and 24 hour on site or remote response time.
  • Full access to all UCR services at the same low rates, from printer and hardware repair to the most advanced networking, web design and custom database programming requirements.
  • Simple, low monthly payment options.
  • Free service trip fee coupons and other special incentives.
  • Ability to redeem unused service hours to purchase UCR systems, brand name printers, notebooks, servers and other products.

UCR TechManage time block contracts range from 15 hours per year commitment for small business, up to 200 hours for standard blocks, with custom blocks ranging from 1000 hours per year and more.

To learn more about our TechManage contracts, please call us at 937-253-8898 or fill out a contact request form and we will contact you within one business day.

Fixed Price Extended Warranty Computing Equipment Maintenance Contracts

For companies with fixed budgets and regular computer and printer maintenance requirements, UCR offers fixed pricing for annual service, covering all labor and parts. We will perform on-site repairs, including all parts and labor, for an unlimited number of service calls, on an annual fixed fee basis.

Each estimate for these services requires a specific list of the computers and printers that you want to cover under the fixed contract. We will provide a specific, custom proposal for a one-year service contract covering all of the listed equipment.

To learn more about our Fixed Service contracts, please call us at 937-253-8898 or fill out a contact request form and we will contact you within one business day.

Project Based Pricing

If you have specific requirements for your project, UCR will design a custom proposal for services with a single, fixed price for delivery of services within the scope of the proposal. This option works best if the requirements for the project are clearly understood and can be documented in the proposal.

Fixed price proposals work well for eCommerce and programming projects, as well as large network installation and upgrade projects. We will also develop fixed price proposals for large on site maintenance projects, so long as the project is large enough to warrant this approach.

The benefit of fixed price is that the customer is paying for a specific delivery, not paying for how long the delivery may or may not take to complete.

If you have a technology project to complete, and would like to discuss a possible fixed price project quote, please call us at 937-253-8898 or fill out a contact request form and we will contact you within one business day.

Technician Outsourcing Contracts

If your company has a need for dedicated technical service, UCR can custom tailor an outsourcing contract to staff this need. We have a wide range of technical expertise, and we can staff a technician with the specific skills you are looking for. If you do not require a full-time resource, UCR can provide dedicated staffing under specific time of day, day of week or other schedule-based requirements. We can also provide a full-time dedicated resource, if required.

Outsourcing contracts with UCR have several benefits over traditional outsourcing or permanent employee approaches:

  • UCR can provide a scheduling solution for the specific needs of your company, which can save money over a full-time resource.
  • We can provide whatever degree of management that is required. If you do not have an IT staff, UCR outsourcing can provide a management structure that you might not be able to provide internally.
  • If your dedicated resource becomes sick, disabled or decides to take a position elsewhere, UCR can backfill this resource virtually instantly. We have a broad technical staff to ensure that you can maintain stable, reliable service.

If you would like to learn more about our outsourcing services, please call us at 937-253-8898 or fill out a contact request form and we will contact you within one business day.

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